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Pure Beauty PR is a marketing and PR agency specializing in green, clean and sustainable beauty and lifestyle brands with a story and mission. We operate from over 20 years of marketing and PR experience and great commitment and knowledge of the market. We have warm, personal contacts with editors, online editors, bloggers, vloggers and influencers. Based upon this excellent personal relationship, we enjoy a high goodwill factor.

Creativity and ingenuity are central to our work while keeping an eye for detail. We delve into the background and products of a brand and explore the characteristics that make a brand unique within the beauty industry. We write press releases, organize press conferences, press trips and press events and assist with social media and marketing. The result is a creative and surprising approach which results in increased brand awareness and confidence.

We create perception, awareness and media coverage to get optimal attention in beauty and lifestyle press. We approach both the traditional press and on-line bloggers, vloggers and influencers. The goal is to create as much as possible and high quality free publicity, both in print and online. Think of product reviews, interviews with the creators, product placements, Facebook and Instagram posts, win actions and background stories.

We would love to visit you personally or plan a skype call and get to know the people behind your brand. We are curious about your story, mission and share our background and knowledge to see how we can strengthen each other in PR, marketing or interim management. Do not hesitate to contact us to get acquainted. Please call Maureen at 
+31646065079 or send an email  to




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