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Short lines of communication and the pleasant personal contact makes it very pleasant to work with Pure Beauty PR.


Maureen is an enthusiastic and driven professional with a far-reaching 'beautiful' network of journalists and knows how to put us in touch with the right people.


I always experience working with Maureen as enjoyable and above all very reliable.


Erica van den Broek - founder, owner of ABYSK

Maureen is truly an experienced PR expert in the field of beauty and natural skin care and you notice this both in the collaboration and in the personal contact. There is room for honest communication and clear agreements. The quality is high in every area. Both in collaboration, personal contact and in marketing communications. 

And her enthusiasm is contagious. A very nice collaboration that I can really recommend specifically for natural and sustainable cosmetics.

Eva Nouhet - founder, owner of Aphyta.

Aphyta founder Eva Nouhet 1.jpg

We worked together with Pure Beauty PR for our September campaign Be Kind To Your Skin.


We needed help with organizing a PR event, with inviting the right people, finding the best location, keeping track of SoMe in the Netherlands - who wrote what about the campaign.


And I must say; we will definitely work with Pure Beauty PR again. Maureen is smart, funny and focused on what she does.


Lene Stiil - CEO AllergyCertified

Caroline-den-Hollander-Alpha-H 3.jpg

As an importer of an internationally successful but in the Netherlands still unknown brand we could have made no better choice than working with Pure Beauty PR. It is unique to work with Maureen because of the combination of her years of PR experience, her extensive media network, involvement, but above all her personal approach and good personal contacts with journalists and bloggers. 

Maureen is no nonsense and really digs into your brand and product backgrounds, looking beyond the standard methods and always manages to come up with a creative and appropriate approach; even if you do not have the same budgets as large international brands.

The approach of a large, international brand

does not fit to a niche brand and for that matter Maureen really made the difference for us. She always knows how to keep our brand on top of mind of journalists, (chief) editors and bloggers. The communication lines are short, if needed switching fast is never a problem. She always keeps the overview and at the same time has a very good eye for (distinctive) detail.

And last but not least, working with Maureen is just great fun, because it is a very warm, sincere, authentic and positive power (professional) woman!

Caroline den Hollander - CEO Alpha-H Nederland

Maureen is more than a great PR lady. The word

'pure' in her company name does not only refer to her way of working, but also who she is naturally. A warm personality who always feel behind the words if something is correct. In this way we create only things together that are completely genuine and that the beauty world in which we work can use that well. 


I admire the way Maureen works. It fits my brand to work with a selective agency that has high integrity.

Love and grace Natascha Koningsveld, founder, owner Colour&Spice.

Colour&Spice logo.png
Colour&Spice Natascha Koningsveld 10.jpg
HS 8.jpg

Maureen is an incredible, powerful business woman. It is rare in any industry to see and experience a person like her first hand with such knowledge, intelligence, passion, heart, ethics and an almost otherworldly ability to deliver exceptional results publicizing her clients.

Her rich relationships with top tier magazine editors, writers, bloggers and brands is something she has built for decades and her ability to create, conceptualize, and assist her clients at every step for each unique brand and incorporate that into campaigns that truly build brand relevance is

Josh Rosebrook logo.png

extraordinary and essential in today's market, as well as inspiring for me personally.

Maureen took a hands on approacch and continually helps us receiving ground breaking publicity noteriety in Europe. I am grateful for this amazing woman.

Josh Rosebrook - founder, ownerJosh Rosebrook

Maureen is not a PR office. She's family. She works with passion and love and cares for her clients like a true partner. Always available, always involved and attentive and always open to think together about getting better. We are ever so grateful. 

Tati & Asaf Hacmon - founders Manipura Amsterdam

manipura_logo_square_colour JEW PNG.png
Manipura Family Tati and Asaf Hacmon

I learned to know Maureen years ago when she was a reseller of our 100% Pure New Zealand brand Living Nature when she still had her webshop Pure Beauty Boutique. It is always very nice to work with Maureen, partly because we have a shared passion for pure and effective beauty products and companies that make this world a better place. 

Maureen is genuinely concerned and feels exactly which media suit your brand. 

She is an honest PR woman with passion for

her profession and full of positive energy and she will do the utmost for you.

Working with Maureen feels like she is part of your business. Although I would love to keep her for myself, I can recommend her to everyone.

Jennifer Peperkamp - director Living Nature Nederland


Such a special and pleasant cooperation with Maureen! A few years ago we decided to outsource Pure SB Cosmetics on social media to Pure Beauty PR. 


Pure Beauty PR knows how to display the look, feel and exclusivity of our Beauty Store & Salon flawlessly. So we have time for our core business and the confidence that Pure SB Cosmetics appears consistently with the right posts on social media.

Susanne van Driel - founder, owner Pure SB Cosmetics

pure logo.jpeg
Foto 29-06-2020 17 22 11.jpg
Skin for Skin founder Mardien Radewalt.jpg
Skin for Skin logo.png

We have been working with Pure Beauty PR for some time now and Maureen really does justice to the name of her agency: a pure beauty, not only beautiful on the outside but certainly also on the inside! 

Maureen has a lot of knowledge and know-how of the beauty world that she likes to share with us. Maureen is available day and night and is full of great ideas to create brand awareness. We are very happy with Maureen and her team and hope for a long and wonderful collaboration.

Mardien Radewalt, founder Skin for Skin

We are very happy with Maureen: her knowledge and professional competence, but also the interest in us as a person and thinking along and helping when we run into something. Maureen always advises us so well and she really immersed herself in our brand and vision. The contact with Maureen always feels good and familiar and we can discuss everything with her. This trust is very nice and gives us a lot of peace. We really like the nice “Maureen-own” way of approaching the press every month and it also works very well, there are really many nice interviews, social posts and projects.

Maureen, you are part of our team!


Leslie & Monique - founders Squalan

mtm (42).jpg
Fouders Leslie van der Meijden en Moniqu

I got to know Maureen as a professional, driven expert.


Her PR strategy is the foundation of World of Wellcare's success.


I can heartily recommend the pleasant way of working together.


Richard ten Horst - founder World of Wellcare

Richard ter Horst founder WOW.jpg
Portrait photo-Carlijn-800x533.jpg

When I submit a PR request to Maureen, I can be sure that I will receive all the information worked out down to the last detail.


Maureen is very careful in listing all the requested information and really puts it to work. She responds quickly and always thinks along, so that I regularly get to know new brands and products.


As a person, Maureen is very warm, sweet and interested, a real joy to work with!

Carlijn Biesemaat - freelance journalist and cosmetics copywriter

Maureen is an incredibly sweet, warm woman who has the perfect balance between professionalism and personal involvement. She is very passionate about the brands she represents and noticeably delves into the background about the brands and products. This is reflected in the incredibly well-put together press releases full of substantive information appropriate to the season and the more sustainable wishes of consumers. This means she can advise, think along and guide very well and thanks to her punctuality, carefulness and short lines of communication, it is a pleasure to work with her.


Thanks to her, I have great opportunities to bring new brands and products to attention that I support and I have contact with a fantastic woman from whom I can learn a lot.


Daphne Suij, founder ver

verrotdmooi-daphne-suij-2 (1).jpg

My internship at Pure Beauty PR was incredibly educational, Maureen showed and taught me a lot. There was a lot of room for creativity and responsibility. It was nice to work with someone who gave me so much confidence.


In addition, I got to know Maureen as an incredibly loving person and my internship was really a time to remember. She will do everything she can to teach and help someone.


Thank you dear Maureen! Lots of love, Sanne


Sanne Overeijnder - former intern, founder BYSO

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