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When you say Aphyata, you say purely natural and vegetable. Aphyta is a combination of 'phyto',  the Latin word for plant and 'ava' which indicates that the products are alive, breathing. Ava is also the birth name of Eva Nouhet, founder of Aphyta natural skin care.

Aphyta natural skin care makes 100% natural, high-quality skin care products with as many organic extracts and oils from plants, nuts and seeds as possible. All equally pure and mild, all proven effective and produced as close to home as possible. Because healthy, beautiful skin starts with pure, natural skin care.

Aphyta natural skin care proudly carries the Amsterdam Made quality mark for sustainable, traditional products from Amsterdam.

In addition to the Amsterdam Made quality mark, Aphyta has the Natural Cosmetic Standard and Eco-Control quality mark that check and guarantee that all ingredients are organic and natural. The Zero Plastic Inside quality mark of The Plastic Soup Foundation guarantees that there are no microplastics in the products.

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