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HEVI Sugaring is a hair removal brand with care for people, the environment and skin. It is the first and only brand of hair removal products that has been approved by the Danish Allergy and Asthma Association and bears the Scandinavian Svanen and French EcoCert labels. HEVI Sugaring is suitable for hair removal for the entire body, including sensitive areas such as the face, armpits and intimate areas. It is produced in Denmark and contains 

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exclusively organic and pure, natural raw materials. This guarantees a mild treatment for the skin. The HEVI hair removal method differs from ordinary waxing with strips in several respects. With HEVI Bodysugaring you remove the hairs in the direction of hair growth and not against the direction of hair growth, as is the case with regular waxing. This makes the process less painful, results in fewer clipped hairs and ultimately gives a more beautiful result for up to 4 to 6 weeks. HEVI Bodysugaring can also be used with the recognized 'hand method', which is used by professional users. 

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