The World of Linda Bot, marketer by profession, was pretty upside down in 2009 when her mother got breast cancer. The hospital said it was better not to use a deodorant with aluminum. When Linda failed to find an efficient deodorant without aluminum, she decided to develop one herself. Meanwhile, she had gathered so much information and found a recipe to self-develop a deodorant based on the harmless ingredient sodium. Linda refined the recipe and thus discovered the ideal solution for anyone looking for a deodorant without aluminum, that completely protects and prevents unpleasant sweat odors. Linda's mission for Loveli is to develop natural variants for existing beauty products. Products that work well, smell delicious and look nice. Beauty products made from pure love, nothing more and nothing less.

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Leeghwaterstraat 3-02

2811 DT  Reeuwijk

the Netherlands

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