Squalan is the result of a long search for the ideal skin care product of two Dutch girls, Leslie van der Meijden and Monique Hugen, who themselves suffered from very sensitive skin for years. Squalan chooses honest and natural ingredients, which all strengthen and support the function of the skin. The products have a soothing, calming and repairing effect. Squalan is the answer for anyone looking for safe, reliable and 100% natural skin care without ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. That is why the products do not contain perfume (including natural and/or ethereal), parabens and other ingredients that the skin does not need. Squalan is perfume and allergen free, contains no preservatives, is vegan, not tested on animals and AllergyCertified.


Leeghwaterstraat 3-02

2811 DT  Reeuwijk

the Netherlands

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